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ASD/ADHD Program:

Give your child the best gift of healing

Don't let the
Golden Window of Opportunity" pass!

Baby with Toys

Children's brains & DNAs are elastic & developing.
They are receptive to energy healing at a deep and transformative level. 

The earlier you begin, the more positive results!

Between 0-8 are when children's brain develops and grows the most and susceptible to programming and change

> 60% of cognitive foundation starts before age 8. After 8 is pruning stage of what is not used or stimulated.

My Story and Why I’m inspired to offer this for parents

Here is a personal story that if you are like me and I feel most parents are, you will understand it takes a lot of courage for me to come out and share........ After years of being on the journey, since Day 1 my son was born, I observed something different. While he had some advanced milestones, some skills or developments were not on par with others. From the day he was born, he raised his head and creeped a few when being vaccinated as a new born in the hospital. That was incredibly advanced. At the same time, he screamed so loud you can hear him from the elevator when the maternal ward room I was in was at the end of the hallway. He rarely slept and woke up every 30 minutes. I spent 2 hours sitting and breast feeding him, nudging his chin. When he got into the water, he would kick and move and cry, I was so afraid to drop him in the water. It was literally 24x7 for me with him. That’s how it started. Problems eating, stunted growth, among other things. I didn’t have the support from my child's father in the way I had hoped either. Along the way my child didn’t speak (he was speaking alien language and had tantrums). He didn’t eat. He got upset so easily with something I said. He was very sensitive to texture and sound. He wouldn’t wear certain outfits. He had repetitive behaviors. He didn’t want to go to school. ….and so on. Everyday was a battle for me. It was really difficult for me. I cried a thousand times over. I gave up my dream of being a university professor and a consultant so I can give the best to my son. I suffered depression and feelings that I have not accomplished my life's goal, that my education to a PhD level was not put to good use. I was at rock bottom for almost 14 years. I search heavens and earths for all therapies and holistic healing to help my son. I read hundreds of books and educated myself about ADHD/ADD. Everyday I would think and plan activities to do with my child. I had tried almost all the things I could find that might help. I gave my all to my child. Only until about three years ago when I began my energy healing practice and started giving him treatments myself (my energy work) that I stopped being dependent on other therapists (I’m not saying you should stop as you should always seek medical advice as well). I have tried and I am experienced and know my son best that at this point what I do has helped him that other holistic healing will be redundant and not effective for him. (I still recommend doing Occupational Therapy, Talk Therapy, Social training for your child if they are still young and at doctor’s recommendation). My son never uses medication. I did give him supplements such as vitamins to help but never medication for ADHD or Anxiety. (In some cases, medication may be necessary, please use your own judgment and consult your doctor. Please always seek medical help and use energy and holistic healing as a supportive and complementary approach.) I spent over 16 years from the minute he was born studying all different things and seeking all kinds of help. With all my knowledge and journey to see what helps and what works, I am inspired to share this with parents. I spent over 80,000 USD and >16 years worth of my time and energy to get here where I have learned about what works and has helped. Today, (August 2022), my son is in his senior year of high school. He has 3.9 GPA (with some AP and IB classes) and is in the process of applying for college. There are still some challenges ahead that I have been helping him with partially managing his schedule and helping with some tutoring as I have the background that allow me to be able to teach. There are things that he can improve on his independence, but he has come a really long way. This is my story to share and I want to inspire you that it happens to me and you can help your child to be the best they can too. It took me over 16 years worth of my child’s life and over 40s years worth of my life to get to where I am and to get my son to where he is. I wish I had all packed solutions available for me when it all started. That’s why I ‘m passionate to offer this to help you as mothers and to help those children. So I want to take this opportunity to share with you this invaluable program that as a mother (or father), I feel we want to try every way and do just about anything that could possibly help our child, in every way we can. Especially for young children whose brains are still elastic.

Healing Program Package to help ASD/ADHD Children:

Recommended Age: 2-16 (Ideal 3-12)   

Package Price Available 

What's included in the package?

1. Basic Program : One time required sessions that have lifelong effects at neurological & DNA levels

2. Maintenance Tools : tools to help support their wellbeing on a regular basis 

3. Bonuses 

Basic Program: 

These are one-time required sessions that will have lifelong effects at neurological and DNA level


Maintenance Tools :

  • Reiki Healing Video : to play for regular maintenance after all sessions are done for daily support (play as needed), the video can be muted and minimized and just let it play in the same area in the background.

  • Ethereal Crystals : Place energies of crystals on the auric field energetically to help support concentration, calmness, grounding of energies (more than 1 crystal will be placed)



  1. Reiki Infused Photo for Consciousness/ Concentration - can be put on computer background or printed, the energy will be attuned to only specific person it's coded to (Value $44.44)

  2. 30 minute guidance / coaching call with me (Value $111.11)

  3. Message Consultation / guidance

  4. Follow up service during the duration of the program


By purchasing sessions, you understand and accept terms of service and disclaimer.



Dr. Kas (PhD)

Distance Services Reaching Worldwide

whatsapp: +66824915456

Recommended Sessions to help behavioral Issues or specific problem:   (not included in the package)


- Help with behavioral issues and healing of problems resulting from traumas or emotions trapped.

- Example: a child repelling the mother. A child resisting to go to school. A child is being confused and not able to make decisions about school or classes.

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