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Healing crisis

This post helps to understand more about Healing Crisis or Energetic Releases involved with Healing Sessions

understanding healing crisis

I would like to talk about "Healing Crisis" or what can happen after an energy session.
After releases, there can be several symptoms which may include: feeling intense energy, waking up at times you don't usually wake up, needing to go to the toilet more often, mild diarrhea, headaches, some minor aches at certain body parts, feeling warmth inside, feeling hot, feeling emotional or easily agitated, some minor itchiness on the skin.
The releases are necessary for the body to get rid of old energy and what do not serve you to allow healing. After the releses which is getting rid of toxin things should be better. Also sometimes, new symptoms may appear during releases for the body to know there are illnesses that maybe embodied in the cells so to be released before it becomes bigger problems. The more dense energy in the body cells the more intense the releasing symptoms could be. In a way, releasing symptoms are there to get rid of things that do not serve you and allow healing. In fact, this is a good sign that deep healing is happening. Doing a lot of grounding, exercising to sweat out the toxins, drinking a lot of water would help ease the release symptoms. If you feel itchiness is intense, you can apply some cream to help sooth the itchiness. If it's too intense, you may reach out to your practitioner Kas Energymed if you do sessions with me for advise to help ease the release symptoms.
Keep in mind the releases or so called 'negative' effects are required for healing and in fact it is a good sign that healing is happening.
The releases is also in a way releasing smaller problems before it becomes bigger problems. All is good. Reiki is energy of love and light and can never do harm. Trust that things will work out for your highest good and the benefits of all.
I'm here to help if you have any problems, questions, or inquiries.
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