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When and how to choose between Energy Healing vs Modern Medicine

Written Based on a Real Case Experience

There is a VIP client that I take care of. I've previously healed his Prostate Gland, Eye Surgery Complication, and working on his Kidney function.

Two years ago, I was working on his EGFR and was able to bring it up from less than 60% to around 79%. It was going well for about a year and a bit more.

Then along the way, it gets worse and we're focusing on his creatinine. I had been constantly doing clearing for him and created a constant energy support for his health.

Recently, with the new activation video I made for his kidney, was able to help reduce creatinine down from 1.45 down to 1.40. The value must be 1.17 to be 'normal'. Hoping for it to get better.

With energy work, we have to keep fine tuning and adjusting the energy to patients/clients current state.

I view the body as a hardware and the energy - mind-and spirit as the CPU & software. Fixing the CPU and the software can go a long way, but also sometimes hardware gets decayed or wound down just like a machine, sometimes we can't fix the parts unless there's a replacement. The body sometimes doesn't have replacements. Some conditions require fixing the hardware (medical procedures or surgeries) together with fixing the software or CPU. That's how I make an analogy.

Most of these conditions, you can see, there is no medical treatment to help or medical treatment alone are not sufficient.

It is still advised that ones seek professional help such as medical check up and if there is medicine or procedure that can be done, to still consider it.

Surgeries and medicine can have side effects, energy healing can then help to harmonize or adjust the medicine to work better and help prepare the body for smooth surgery & fast recovery after the surgery.

For symptoms that there is no medical procedure, then Energy Healing/Medicine can help substantially. If you have any questions or want to consult healing, I can be reached at:

Until then, Love, Light, and Peace.

Dr. Kas (Reiki Grandmaster, Activator, Integrated Energy Healer & Coach)

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