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Intuitive Integrative energy healing (INEH) by Dr.kas

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

I have been thinking about how to define my healing techniques or approaches. To use Reiki is too restrictive. Reiki is merely what I started with. I use several modalities that work with my high level intuition and consciousness and integration of my past life abilities, integration with my infinite being and wisdom, over ten thousands if not more hours of studies and self healing in this life time. I work with the angels, the source, universal consciousness, high vibration. I channel healing intuitively and integrating several modalities. Therefore, if anyone asks me what I actually incorporate in my healing, I would say "Intuitive Integrative Energy Healing (IIEH) by Dr.Kas" I define my own technique that incorporates several modalities, including but not limited to, Reiki, Energy Activations, Divination, Angelic Healing, and much more.

If someone comes to me with their problems, I will use my intuition as well as knowledge and experience and channel sessions / healing programs suitable for each person. Therefore, the advice for different persons will be different. Everyone's energies are different. There are also several factors that affect healing. I do my best to help and work with people with my caring, attentive, and informed mind, authentic and loving heart.

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