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Spiritual death

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Spiritual Death = Death of the Ego

Sometimes its called Dark Night of the Soul.

Ones can undergo many rounds of spiritual death. That is shedding of layers.

We as infinite being incarnated in human bodies over lifetimes have many lifetimes worth of shedding.

That is why I often emphasize healing is continuous. There is no limit or ending. Some call it ascension meaning raising your vibration and awareness.

Often times we encounter traumatic events that call us to search deep into our soul and do a lot of purging and clearing.

I have myself been through several rounds of shedding.

I am grateful for the traumas in the way that they have led me to more healing and shedding.

I am still growing. I am still shedding. There is no limit.

I too have lots of traumas but I try to project only positivity so as to shine light and love to others. You see me smiling on cameras. It doesnt mean my life is perfect. What it means is I only want to share love and happiness.

In the moment that I face my spiritual death I cry a lot. I release a lot. I would be depressed and tried to find peace and healing. Strength and courage to bounce back.

I make mistakes. I have moments I lose balance. I take time to evaluate my life. I forgive myself.

No one is perfect. No one. Forgiveness and compassion is key to peace.

Its not easy but we have to keep trying.

Love Light and Blessings.

Dr. Kas

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