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114 Galactic Chakras Series (Options Available))

114 Chakras Clearing - Basic 

114 Chakras comprises of 7 basic chakras 21 minor chakras and 86 micro chakras

This is a unique energy attuned to me by my galactic guidance team of light.  The energy is very special and clearing is at a very deep level that spans several hours usually between 5-9 hours of energy flowing.  For special cases such as the case with chronic illnesses involved, the session could take over 12 - 15 hours.  Recommend secheduling at night when you sleep.  However, for some people, during energy flow you may feel energetic or it maybe make you awake, then you may prefer having the energy flow during the day but it is recommended that you do not engage in activities that require active engagement.  


This session involves  intense clearing at multidimensional level, clearing different kinds of blockages including energetic blockages, emotional blockages, negative thought forms, negative energies, entities, attachments in multidimensions including implants, seals.  


Regular clearing is recommended and vary for different people.  Some require a clearing every few months, some can be longer, some can be more frequent.  You can contact me to ask how often you require this for optimal result. 


If you have never had this session before, this is recommended before start other energy healing sessions as it will open you up for more energy flow and healing of other energy sessions and healing.  Clearing chakras also may help feel more sense of well being in all areas.    


Duration for Basic 114 Chakras: 5-15 hours. (sometimes the energy can flow up to 12-15 hours for first time clearing as energies have been accumulated over decades).  I can check with my guidance how long the session would be for you and how long integration / releases would be.  If the duration is long, I can split up your sessions over two nights.  




Gold Bundle (Premium) - In addition to Basic clearing in the Basic 114 Chakras Clearing, this bundle includes clearing hexes, vows, spells, curses, hooks, and cords attached to 114 chakras. (additional 5-9 hours sessions, healing can be split over 2 nights)


Platinum Bundle (Supreme) - includes Gold Bundle + Chakras Protection/ Shield


About Chakras Protection/ Shield: Only one session is required for lifetime.  This shield/protection helps to protect your chakras and lesson the effects of future accumulation or formation of energies blockages, future spells, hexes, vows, hooks, cords, and 'gunks'.  Regular clearing of the Basic 114 chakras or Gold bundle is still recommended for regular maintenance but Shielding will help lesson the effects of future accumulation and formation, and prolong the time between 114 Chakras Deep Clearing.  

114 Galactic Chakras Series (Options Available))

$155.55 Regular Price
$133.33Sale Price
  • Options Availalble

    A. Basic 114 Chakras Deep Clearing

    B. Gold Bundle = Basic + Gold Add On (Clear Hooks cords vows spells curses hexes)

    C. Platinum Bundle = Basic + Gold Add On +  Shield/Chakras protection (require only once per lifetime)

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