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Akashic Records : Soul Contract Reading

There are two options for this session:

A: Reading & Guidance Only

B: Reading & Guidance + Mini Akashic Clearing



Soul Contracts / Akashic Records: Reading + Mini Clearing


Find out your missions, lessons to be learned, to help you progress on your spirituality and find sense of direction and peace.


Akashic Soul Contract Reading  & Guidance


We are born with specific life or soul contracts predetermined. This include names, parents, countries of births, life missions, life lessons, karmic contracts, challenges and struggles, strengths and weaknesses. Knowing life missions and pending lessons can help us find sense of purpose and direction to move forward as well as find peace and grow towards the direction that would help us heal, learn, and fulfill what we are here to do.

In addition, I can also channel challenges/core wounds that are affecting you. These are issues that need to be healed. Most of these are desgined from birth and may come from past Karmic contracts and most of them will parallel the life lessons as they are here to challenge you to overcome and learn the lessons. Knowing these challenges will help to identify what are the things to focus on and heal. Although, most of these issues do not go away permanently. You would need to accept them and love yourself even for the wounds and flaws but learn to purge and release or calm down all triggers that are related to core woulds.


What is included:


Reading - Note and voice recording of channeled messages/reading

Soul Missions (what are your missions for this lifetime)

Soul Lessons (what you are here to learn)

Challenges / Core Wounds (challenges you were born with or predestined, core wounds - this are the things to be healed )

Guidances regarding the soul missions, lessons, and core wounds in a voice recording file.


How does the session work?

For the reading, you can schedule a text message session or voice call session with me (about 20 minute) or choose to share any information you would like to share in an email message. Then I will work my my guides to connect with your higher self on my own to open and access your akashic records at the time we agree which would be the time you are sleeping or relaxing so that it would not cause interference to your daily activity as during the time of opening Akashic Records, ones may feel exhausted or dizzy.  Please give me 2-3 days to get back to you with the reading results.




A mini clearing of about 30 minutes to clear blockages to healing core wounds in the Akashic Records. Note that this clearing is an initial clearing that would help. 


However, throughout our life, more clearing may surface to be healed.  For additional, more thorough clearing, please check out Akashic Records Clearing 




Related Session - Akashic Records Clearing


After knowing your soul contract, you may be interested in Akashic Records Clearing and Blessing to clear negative energies in the soul contract part of the Akashic records which include - blockages from healing core wounds, negative energies from traumas or past lifes that's prohibiting or obstructing healing, achieving soul missions, and learning of soul lessons.


Akashic Records : Soul Contract Reading

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