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Angelic Connection Attunement

This attunement is given to me via upgrades from my seraphim angelic team and archangel michael and metatron.  This is very high vibrational attunement that would activate you and help you to connect with your guardian angels and archangels.  People who have received the activation have reported gradually feeling more connected to higher selves and inner guidance and connected to spirit guides and the divine.  Results vary for different people and may be subtle over time.  The more time you spend to connect to your angels, the more uplifting you feel and you may begin to receive messages from the other realm, feel more connected to the divine.  This is a very special energy that activates and elevates you.  This is the attunement/activation that is very high vibrational and in itself allows you to connect to higher angelic realm and activate the energy for guidance, ask for protection, and for help.  


Duration: 30 minutes

Note: You may schedule for me to send you the activation or choose to receive the activation via chi-ball when I would send you instruction how to activate and receive the attunement at your own convenience.  

Angelic Connection Attunement

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