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Arctuarian Reiki - Clear Energetic Blockages

Arctuarian Reiki is a high vibrational chakras clearing that clears blockages from all 7 chakras.  


This session helps to feel more flow of energy. Beneficial when one feels that energy is stuck or to dense in some of the chakras, resulting in feeling unbalanced and energetically cluttered.


Same as with other energy sessions, all my work is very high vibrational and effective and the energy gets adjusted to my own energy signature which is continuously evolving and rising in vibrations.  


Duration: 60 minutes


Difference between Arctuarian Reiki and Galactic Chakra Deep Clearing Series:  

Arctuarian Reiki is similar and in away can be viewed as a subset of Galactic Chakras Deep Clearing (7 Chakras ).  While Galactic Chakras Series helps clears all different kinds of blockages including emotional, energetic, negative thought forms, plus entities and attachments, Arctuarian Reiki focuses on clearing energetic blockages of the 7 chakras.  


Galactic Chakras Series are available in several levels and two groups: 7 Galactic Chakras and 114 Galactic Chakras.  Galactic Chakras clearing takes several hours or days to clear and is a very thorough and deep clearing, while Arctuarian Reiki is a 1 hour session.  

Arctuarian Reiki - Clear Energetic Blockages

$69.99 Regular Price
$55.55Sale Price
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