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Consciousness Activation

Very high vibrational activation channeled by myself from connection to Source/Spirit.  This activation will help you become more conscious and aware and highten your connection to Source.  You would gradually begin to see things differently from different perspective of the universal consciousness.  The process work gradually and differ for individuals but you would realize the shift in the way of viewing life and things and become more aware and conscious and operate from love and light of the divine.  This is very beneficial for those who focus on ascension or healing in the deep and high spiritual level. 


As with other energy healing, this is very high vibrational and may involve emotional or energetic releases.  The releases can take several days and the energy can take several days for integration.  The duration of energy flow varies and spans several hours usually around 24 hours of energy flow for the activation.  It is highly recommended to do this activation soon after being cleared from 114 chakras deep galactic clearing and malchizedek clearing.   

Consciousness Activation

$155.55 Regular Price
$133.33Sale Price
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