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Galactic Fed. Clearing

This is a high vibration clearing energy that is attuned to me by my galactic/cosmic team of guides (Artuarian, Pledian, Vega, Sirius, etc.).


You have choices of what to clear from the following list.  If more than one things are to be cleared, you can schedule/purchase several sessions according to your needs)


1. Cords/Hooks Removal

2. Implants

3. Hexes, Vows, Spells, Evil Eyes Removal

4. Demons, entities, parasites, attachment removal


Choice of  duration of clearing available at different prices. 


Dr. Kas uses the term Galactic Federation to represent multi-galactic races of her cosmic spiritual guide who helped to activate/channel the energy including but not limited to Arctuarian, Pleidian, Vega, Sirius, Lyran, Orion, etc.


Note: This is different vibration than Melichizedek clearing.  Considerably higher in vibration. 


One thing to be informed about energy healing is there are many different (almost infinite) vabrations of both negative energies and positive energies as much as there are unlimited numbers of dimensions.  Hence, the reason for different energy vibrations.  


If you're unsure which energy session would be recommended for you, recommend consulting Dr. Kas at She will be able to tune in to your soul/higher self and recommend suitable session for your problem/situation.


6 hours is intense clearing to clear as much as allowed to be cleared.  If clients are not comfortable with the intensity, clients can ask to spread the session over longer period of time such as 6 hours into 10 hours so that the intensity would be what they are able to take in.  

Galactic Fed. Clearing

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