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Melchizedek Shield: Protect Demons and Magic Spells

Melchizedek was the king of Salem and priest of El Elyon who appeared in Genesis and the bible.  This Malchizedek clearing helps clears the following from your 6 soul layers and from your multidimensional selves. 


The difference between this energy and 114 Galactic Chakra is the while114 Galactic Chakra focuses on the chakras, this focuses on 6 soul layers and multidimensional selves.


Malchizedek Shield helps protects you from the following:

- Demons and Demon Essences Attachments

- Interferences

- Observers

- entities, parasites, and other multidimensional attachments

- Multidimensional astral beings attachments

- Implants

- Spells, Hexes, Vows

-Multidimensional Hooks, Cords not related to Chakras

-Magic Spells and other Psychic Attacks


This is a very high vibrational energy.

The Length of time of energy flowing to you to create permanent shield varies on and can take between 10-24 hours.


The shield helps protect you from future attacks to reduce accumulation and damage caused by the attacks.  Once activation is complete, the shield stays with you.  Recommend activating the shield right after Malchizedek Clearing.  Regular clearing by Malchizedek Clearing is still advised.  The shield helps reduce the effects and requirements for clearing.


Please note that as we go on in life, there may be requirement for stronger shield like an upgrade of energy.  Usually one activation is sufficient for everyday life.  However, if you are a spiritual worker or under spiritual attacks, as you go through you may feel the need to reinforce the shield.  I receive an upgrade on the shielding energy from time to time as well.  


This price include 1 free upgrade/reinforcement of the shield within 1 year.  


This session is advised to be done right after Melchizedek Clearing.


Melchizedek Shield: Protect Demons and Magic Spells

$199.99 Regular Price
$144.44Sale Price
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