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Multidimension Karmic Clearing

Clear Karma from Past Lives and This life in multidimensions.  

Duration: Listed price is for 1 hour session.  Please read "Note" below.


Life Enhancing Benefits:

Some health issues or feeling unwell especially those that have been present since birth or with unknown cause can be partly related to past life Karma.  Examples are attention problem, depression, children's challenges such as ASD, ADHD.  


Other possible benefits to be expected from clearing past life Karma is to help alleviate problems in relationships or feeling like you are attracting bad things into your life.  Clearing Karma may help transmuting negativities in your life that is related to past life Karma, or this life's Karma into the positive and improve your life, helping you feel lighter and attract more positive opportunities into your life.


Spiritual Benefits:

Once in lifetimes Opportunity.  This energy is now available to help us ascend into higher consciousness and dissolve negative Karma accumulated through lifetimes.  This is a very important step to elevating your consciousness and shift your state of awareness. 


We are born lifetime over lifetimes and there can be negative Karma from past lives that are lingering and result in unwell at the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  This session will help heal and dissolve Karma, helping you to feel uplifted and increase your feelings of wellbeing.  From experiences working with this energy to send for healing, this has shown benefits in symptoms that have unknown causes especially the ones that have been born with such as ADHD, symptoms related to heart, or feeling weak among many other.  However, healing is like peeling layers of layers.  While most people can feel the benefits from one session, more than one session and one energy maybe required.  


This is an intense energy session. As with other sessions, there may be energetic releases.  Karmic Clearing sessions tends to have more intense releases especially if you have a lot of accumulated Karmic energy, which sometimes affect your wellbeing such as some feeling of unwell especially those that have been there since birth or early in life.  I can advise and set intention for energetic release to span a longer period so you would feel less intense releases.  This is in a way the law of Karma or energy exchange in that negative and drastic Karma is being dissolved through being transformed into a less unpleasant form of energy through enegetic releases, which I like to refer to as energetic "detox"


See this youtube video for more information about energetic releases or healing crisis.



Note: The cost is for 1 hour session.  Longer duration and more than 1 session may be required.  More than 1 session may be required to clear your Karma accumulated through many lifetimes. 

Later on in life things may also be revealed to allow for more clearing.  Please contact me to check how many sessions is advised for your situation.  Discount for multiple sessions available.



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Multidimension Karmic Clearing

$144.44 Regular Price
$133.33Sale Price
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