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Past Trauma Healing (Present life)

Duration: 1 hour

Depending on how much trauma you have experienced through this lifetime, more than 1 sessions may be required.

Throughout your life, you may encounter several circumstances that create Traumatic experiences.  Traumas that are left unhealed can result in feeling unwell emotionally, energetically, or physically.  This session will heal past trauma that has happened throughout your life.   


Depending on how much past traumatic experiences and energies you have accumulated, while one session is generally sufficient, some may require more than one session. As life goes on, you may require additional healing if you encounter more traumatic experiences.


The length of the session depends on how many accumulated energies from past lives you have.  I will be able to tell you the duration of your session when you purchase and schedule the session.  

Past Trauma Healing (Present life)

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