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Silver Violet Flame

Silver Violet Flame for Transmutation to purify mind, body, and soul.  For the body purification, it works on atomic and dna level.  Recommended when you feel gloomy or engulfed in darkness, angers, sadness, or feel like you have done something wrong in life or just simply to help feel better and lighter.  Silver Violet flame helps transmute negativity, karma, and purify.  This energy is guided by Archangel Michael and Saint Germaine.  


At the physical level, it can be helpful to help transmute and purify energies trapped in the body or cells.  For example, if you feel that your body is intoxicated or having some kind of odor sweat, Silver Violet flame can help transmute and flush it out of your system.  As with other energy healing, results vary for different persons and more than one session may be required.  Some people see change from one session while for some people or situations, more than one session or different types of sessions may be required.


Duration: 45 minutes

Silver Violet Flame

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