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Soul Fragment Integration

Traumas from both past life and this life can cause soul to be fragmented, this service will help integrate lost / fragmented soul and make you feel whole again.


Through our experiences of different incarnations, there may have been traumas that result in parts of soul fragmented and disintegrated.  Some parts of the souls can be lost or fragmented from past lives and some in this lifetime.  Fragmented souls result in feeling unwell, usually emotionally such as feeling sad, unwhole, unlively, or many other feelings of unwell.  The Soul Retrieval or Soul Integration Service is performed remotely by me connecting to your higher self and bring back all lost soul essences or fragmented soul parts and integrate back to you.


Soul integration is an important step towards ascension. This is one in lifetimes service that does not affect you only this lifetime but will affect your infinite being towards making you feel whole and complete.  Soul parts that are brought back will be transmuted and only brought back in light in which negative energies and traumas will be transmuted before integrating your fragmented soul parts back to your soul.  


All services including soul integration is performed remotely.  No login or phone connection is required.  Services are performed by the practitioner connecting to your higher self remotely by connecting to your full name and location (City & Country).  It is recommended to schedule the session during the time that you can relax that you are not engaged in activities which can be during your night time.  During the session, I will check how much of your soul is remaining in your body and how much has been lost from past lives and this lifetime.  The objective of this session is to bring back all your soul parts that are allowed to be brought back and integrated to make you whole again.  


Note: A few days after the session, you may feel emotional due to energetic and emotional releases and may experience parts of the emotions that caused the soul parts to be fragmented.  Drink a lot of water, walk in the nature, or exercise to ground the energy would help ease the releasing symptoms. These are temporary symptoms that would pass.  After which you would feel more sense of wellbeing.

Soul Fragment Integration

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