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Strong Empath Shield (also protect from energy vampires)

This is very strong high vibrational shield.   This is is an activation plus attunement session which takes up to 10 hours for the session.  


Shield permanently like activating your DNA to be protected permanently at a certain level enough to still feel/know what’s going (you will not lose your ability to feel/sense energy from others) but will help to not absorb or absorb less of what other people feel and will help reduce the bad side effects from absorbing negativity or other people’s emotions. 


Then a temparary shield which strengthens the protection and help you to feel tremendously less from environment can be activated instantly or on-site by setting the intention and will be deactivated automatically after 24 hours and also can deactivate by command as well. 


This is very helpful for empath who suffers from feeling a lot of negativity or other people's energies especially when being in the crowd.  


This activation and shield also helps protect against energy vampires and would result in feeling less drained of energy when surrounded by others who may unintentionally or intentionally drain us of (emotional) energies.  Energy Vampires are people that intentionally or unintentionally feed off positivities or emotional energy from others leaving them feel exhausted and drained. This is very beneficial for empaths, energy workers, coaches, empaths, healthcare providers whose work may involve dealing with a lot of people and listening to their problems.


Duration of Energy Flow to Activate: 10 hours

Shield integrated right after completion of the activation.


Strong Empath Shield (also protect from energy vampires)

$155.55 Regular Price
$128.89Sale Price
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