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This activation will:

  • activate your energy to be and remain in the creation vortex to attract and magnetize money & prosperity.

  • remove limiting beliefs & blockages from making + attracting money 

  • heal your relationship with money

  • protect your Money, Wealth & Prosperity.

High Vibrational - Effective - Invaluable

Access to Activation Video for Lifetime. Can be used regularly as much as you feel guided to.  

By the "Law of Exchange", the access purchased will only work for you, and cannot be shared with other people.

You may want to start with playing one round first and see how you adjust to the high vibration of the activation.  Regular use intensifies the effect and keeps you in the vortex, as well as clears out all blockages to manifesting and attracting wealth.

What is activation video -->


1. Click "Buy Now" and pay

2. Email me your Google account.

I'll send you private access.

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3% transaction fee

Amazing Story of  what happened to me from using this Activation Video:

I started to feel buzzing throughout the day and night.  The next day, I started to get calls from new potential clients. The new Facebook group that I opened for ADHD parents and healing has more than 60 requests over the few days after using the video.  I received payment from new customers within the same week.  I receive payment from someone that has been owing me money for a long time.  Another client that uses this video got a very good deal on a product and found an item that has been lost for a long time.  I feel motivated and amazing. Ideas run through my head. I feel safer.  And many more positive things keep flowing.  I would like to hear from you how amazing this video activation has play out for you.  I'm feeling so great!!!  (written on September 25, 2022)

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