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difference between 'money healing session' & "money Activation"

The Money Healing Session is a distance Reiki/blessing session that helps to raise your consciousness about making money. It also has blessing vibration of Goddess Abunduntia (Goddess of Prosperity). The difference between distance session and video is this session is a one time session. During a session of 45 minutes you lie down and relax and the energy will flow to you. I set the session in advance to flow to you at agreed time that you are able to lie down and relax. What is expected to happen is healing will take place for a period of time afterwards, you will feel more aware and have motivation, composure, more oriented perspectives in your work and management of money. It's like adding positive energies and blessings to you. The session is calm and beautiful. This is recommended when you feel like losing perspectives or focus in work or management of money & also when you want to add positive vibration for financial blessing to your energy field.

The Money Activation video is very high vibrational and intense. There will be releases of blockages or things that do not serve you such as limiting beliefs around money, any negative blockages from attracting money. The releases can be in layers. The activation will also activate you to be in the vibration of attracting and magnetizing money. The good thing is you can use this repeatedly over and over for unlimited times. (Once a week, Once a month, or as you feel guided) The activation is about a bit over 20 minute long.

My activations are very high vibrational and potent. The activation / light language is a form of quantum energy/frequencies. While watching the video, you won't be lying down and relax like when you have a Reiki session. You would sit in front of the computer and watch the video while trying to be in a calm state. You may open your eyes or close occasionally. If you are releasing blockages, you may cough or feel some kind of energetic releases.

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