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Reiki and energy healing is intended to be a supplement to, not a replacement or substitute for professional health care practices and treatments.  In any case of serious illness, please always consult your doctor for advice. The Reiki and Energy Healing Practitioner is by no means eligible to diagnose, perform medical treatments, make medical claims, offer any guarantees, prescribe therapies, remedies, or medications.  Any advice provided is done through best effort to help in the healing of mind and body.  Results achieved vary by individuals.  All advices are based on personal experiences of the practitioner.


By purchasing services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

As a client, I understand that Reiki and Energy Healing is not a medical treatment and any services performed are for the purposes of relaxation, recreation, stress reduction, with the objectives to help improve wellbeing.  Practitioner is not able to diagnose, prescribe medication or substance, nor interfere with any physical and medical healthcare, treatement, and procedures.  I understand that results vary for individuals and multiple sessions may be required.  I understand that Reiki and Energy Healing can be complementary to medical and psychological care but never a replacement.  I understand that the Reiki and Energy Healing practitioner is not entitled to make any promises nor make any claim to cure any illnesses.  All services are provided with the intention to promote wellbeing and help complement healing.  In any case of serious illnesses I will always consult licensed professional healthcare provider.


I understand that the prices services and programs offered  are the current price that may be adjusted or changed before purchase or payment has been done.  All payment for services must be processed and received before services are performed.

Terms and Condition

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