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what is akashic record?

Akashic Record Library holds information of every life past present future (possibilities) thoughts energies.

There are blockages or negative energies including Karma, Trauma, and just about anything stored in there.

Clearing Akashic Records will help to make the energy lighter, remove blockages, feelings of trauma, and possibly open you up to receive.

Things are revealed to us of what to be healed, cleared.

If you are interested in having your Akashic Records Clearing, feel free to reach out:

whatsapp: +66824915456


Examples of Akashic Records Clearing & Blessing Intention:

- Clear blockages from a child applying to universities and bless his path towards bright future

- Clear energies from childhood trauma

- Clear negative energies & blockages in Akashic Records towards job promotion (for someone who is applying for job promotion)

- Clear Akashic Records for legal dispute

- When you come out of relationships, clear trauma and past energies from that relationship in your Akashic Records


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