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7 Chakras Galactic Deep Clearing

This is a mini (partial) clearing with similar energy as 114 Chakras Galactic Clearing series, with the focus on only 7 main chakras.  This is intended to be for people with limited budget or who want to try out how this energy works.  For best results, full 114 Chakras clearing is recommended. 


This series is "Galactic Clearing" in multidimensions. It is very deep clearing than spans several hours of energy flow.  This is unique energy healing channeled by Dr. Kas only that she received activation from her galactic team of love and light.  Very high vibrational.  


As 114 chakras is recommended for optimal results, only two options of 7 main chakras are available to feel the energy as a trial session.  


Basic (Blue Bundle) - intense clearing at multidimensional level, clearing different kinds of blockages including energetic blockages, emotional blockages, negative thought forms, negative energies, entities, attachments in multidimensions including implants, seals.  


Premium (Gold Bundle) - clears the same as in Blue Bundle or Basic level plus clearing hooks, cords, spells, vows, curses.  


Regular clearing every 3-6 months at the minimum is advised to maintain optimal results.

7 Chakras Galactic Deep Clearing

  • Basic - clears blockages: energetic, emotional, negative energies, entities, implants, in multidimensions.

    Gold - additional clearing of hooks, cords, vows, spells, hexes

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