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Ancestral Line Clearing

Clear embedded energies in your ancestral lines.  This includes any negative energies, curses, hexes, vows, possible physical, emotional, mental impairments embedded in your DNA through thousands or millions of generations in your ancestral lines from the beginning of time.  The session will clear out what are allowed to be cleared at the time.  The cost is for one session of 1 hour.  One may require more than one session if there is a lot to be cleared. 


With the law of ripple effects, energies that are removed from one person will be removed from everyone in the same ancestral lines that hold the same energies. 

However, not all energies get passed on to the next generation.  This means that while removing some of the energies from your offspring that get passed on from you will also remove those energies from you who are the parent, not all of the energies you inherit from your ancestors would be removed from you as they may not get passed on to your offsprings.


Later on in life, additional clearing may be required as healing is like peeling of layers of things to reveal what lie beneath.  Some people my require more than one session for the present, depending on how much there is to be cleared in your ancestral lines.  Once cleared, this will clear entirely what is has been cleared so that it does not pass on to your future offsprings.  Please note that if you have already had offsprings, the energies would not be cleared from them.  It only removes from future offsprings who have not been conceived prior to clearing.  


Once in lifetimes Opportunity.  

Similar to Karmic clearing, Birth Trauma and Trauma healing, these sessions tend to have more intense releases especially if you have a lot to be released. I can advise and set intention for energetic release to span a longer period so you would feel less intense releases.   


See this youtube video for more information about energetic releases or healing crisis.


Note:  More than 1 session may be required depending on each individual.  


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Ancestral Line Clearing

$144.44 Regular Price
$133.33Sale Price
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