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Birth Trauma Healing

Duration: 1-2 hours

The length of the session dependon individuals.  I would be able to tell you how long your session would be when you purchase the session.


Healing, Clearing Birth Trauma.  When babies are born, there are Traumas that can be taken place while in mother's womb or during birth from our soul feeling burdened or tortured to be born.  This can result in physical illnesses, feeling unwell, emotional or other symptoms.  


There are two options/levels of this session:



For persons with genetic diseases or deseases that are present since birth, typically 1.5 - 2 hours are required. Please consult for guidance of which level is prescribed for you.


Regular is for regular persons with not a lot of birth trauma: 45-60 minutes


Premium is usually advised for people with challenges or feeling unwell since birth such as children with ADHD or other genetic diseases: Duration 90 minutes


Extremum: For persons with multiple conditions that require intense extended clearing of Birth Trauma

Duration 120 minutes


By selecting the correct level (as per consultation with Dr.Kas), the session would be done at the same time.  If you choose Regular when Dr. Kas's guidance suggests Premium or Extremum, not all Birth Trauma would be cleared and if you decide to do another session later on, you would have to choose another Regular session which would end up being more total cost.  


Please consult Dr. Kas for guidance of advised level for your condition.

Birth Trauma Healing

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