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Consciousness Reiki

Consciousness Reiki Help to activate consciousness and awareness in everyday judgment.  In addition, this session helps with sense of calmness and peacefulness. Helpful for time of confusion or when you feel all clustered and not knowing what to do in life as everything seems so gloomy, confusing, and hopeless.  Also good to help with impulsiveness or instability or when you are not engaged or totally aware of what goes on such as in children or adults facing difficulty to concentrate or facing awareness issues.  For this reason, this session is also beneficial to help support those with ADHD or autism spectrum* to promote more sense of awareness and engagement.


* Reiki is never a replacement for medical treatment of any kind. Reiki practitioners are not entitled to make medical diagnosis or medical claim of any kind. Please read disclaimer.


Special price available for supscription (sessions scheduled weekly for 1 month)  - Please schedule same day of week and time for 4 consecutive weeks for this option


Session Duration: 45 minutes

Consciousness Reiki

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