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Diamond Crystalline Reiki

Heal Physical Blockages caused by Traumas.
- Recommend 3+ sessions


Typically 3 consecutive sessions of Diamond crystalline Reiki is advised for situation/focus area of physical blockages related to a situation.  Occasionally, some problems may require more than 3 sessions.


For some situations, once in a while touch base may be advised for example, 1/2 - 1 year after the first three sessions if that discomfort or blockages seem to come back.  


Example of successfully treated cases: 


- A child that has an accident at the lips and teeth around 3-6 years of age, that results in not being outspoken and not articulative.  3 Sessions of Crystalline Reiki performed around 14 years of age has helped the child become more outspoken and more assertive, able to make presentations and articulate his thoughts as well as socialize with friends.  


- A woman with history of sadness and trauma (crying) has blurry/foggy and dry eye periodically, 3 sessions of crystalline Reiki has helpedto alleviate the foggy eyesight.  After the three sessions the symptom is alleviated. 

A repeat session was given about a year after the first 3 sessions when mild symptom seems to come back and that alleviates the symptom.


- A stiff abdomen with knots and webs and possibly kidney stone that has been present for years after child birth has been softened and relieved of pain.  (During the period where the sessions took place, some physical feeling of the stiff tissues breaking apart was felt. This sensation is the crystals being decrystalized. )


- Stiff shoulders and chronic muscle pain.  (This may require repeat session periodically) such as in 6 months or 1 year afterwards if the symptom comes back due to fatigue or usage of muscles.  


Options Available.

Packaged Price Available please message me.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Diamond Crystalline Reiki

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