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Emotion Code: Heart Wall/Trapped Emotions

This is similar to the Emotion Code Program developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson but I do it with my own method and intuition.  Healing at very deep level targetting the source and core of physical unwellness, emotional or behavioral issues.  


First session would be spent discussing talking about your problem and I would spend time identifying and prescribing healing program that may require several sessions to target an issue.  Price is per session of healing that includes channeling time.  Services are performed remotely by which I will communicate with your via emails or messenger.  


Some physical and psychological issues eminate from trapped emotions that can be in the subconscious mind without knowing and can track back to childhood experiences even during birth or in your mother's womb.  This service would be able to help identify trapped emotions that are affecting you.  An example is autistic children or children with behaviors of being reluctant to try or eat new things, these behaviors can be tracked down to the beginning of when he was in mother's womb that the mother dreaded eating certain things but forced to eat as a prenatal care.  


During the first session, you would receive a general pendulum healing which helps balance your elements, adjust your auric field, and energy level along with me spending time on my own to check my guidance and prescribe further Emotion Code to release trapped emotions and adjust your heartwall.  The heart in this sense is not the physical heart, but spiritual heart that is the center of our being and energy.  The Heart is the center of all, controlling our emotions and affecting our physicality as well. 


Discounted Rate for Emotion Code: Heart Wall& Trapped Emotions healing course available after the first session.  I would be able to prescribe and provide you with the quotation.  This is for the case of one specific problem/issue that would require more than one session to remove all trapped emotions that was found during the first session.  Things may be revealed and new trapped emotions may surface afterwards.  Healing is like peeling layers and layers of things to be healed to unveil what is beneath to be healed further.  


Duration:  60 minutes per session.  

Depending on your situation you may require more than one session, which can be done at the same time, please consult Dr. Kas to advise how many sessions (hours) for your problem and packaged rate.


Examples of past success benefits from Trapped Emotions Removal Session:


1. A child that had bahavioral issues, not listening to parents, had trapped emotions caused by school, friends, some environment or emotions absorbed from the environment.  The trapped emotions cause the child to have behavioral issues, inability to focus in school, losing self esteem which result in poorer performance in school.  After trapped emotions removal sessions, the child behaviors improve, school performance improves, able to make rational judgment and decisions.


2. An older adult who has had traumatic childhood (Dr. Kas does not need to know the details but her intuition will be able to detect underlying trapped emotions and related age/time or experience causing the problem) and traumatic past, causing fear, problems with articulation, feeling unsafe.  Clearing trapped emotions has helped to feel better, clear feeling of fear, better articulation (communication) and feel safer.


3. An adolescent having problems making decisions about dropping a class, choosing program of studies, choosing college to attend.  These are caused by emotions trapped from hearing parents argue, hearing comments from other people that conflict each other, being inconfident, and many other trapped emotions caused from people, environment, and circumstances.  Dr. Kas intuitively checked what the trapped emotions are and what has been potential causes.  After removing the trapped emotions, the adolescent is able to make informed decision about his life and move forward in a positive direction.


Dr. Kas has many other positive results and feedback from her Trapped Emotions removal and Heart Walls Program.  For optimal results, please consult and follow Dr. Kas about advised sessions, the number of hours /sessions required.

Emotion Code: Heart Wall/Trapped Emotions

$133.33 Regular Price
$122.22Sale Price
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