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Harmonize Medication or Food

Medications can have unpleasant side effects.  People may also be intolerant to specific food or topical product cuasing allergic reactions or subtle side effects.  


This is an activation to harmonize and mitigate negative side effects of a medication or food or topical product intolerance.


The duration is between 8-10 hours and advised to be done over night while you are asleep.  The cost is per one medication, or food/ topical product item.  


This is not meant to be a means for curing serious allergic reaction to medication or item that you have serious allergic reactions to.  We can always try to mitigate the effects but for serious medical concern please always consult your professional medical provider. 


Positive results have been observed for helping mild or subtle side effects such as some behavioral issues in children.  Please always consult your doctor for medication replacement alternatives in case of serious allergic reactions you have towards your medication.  

Harmonize Medication or Food

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