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Light Code Art Photo - Personalized

Light Code Art emits gentle but activating and healing energy that can be printed out and put in your environment to emit supporting energy constantly.  You can also save it as a background on your phone or any way you like.  You can also gift your loved ones with thie Light Code.  You receive a digital jpeg file.  The code is uniquely created for your intention.   


Light Code is another form of energy healing/activation which has strong intention sent to the universe to work to support you on intention created.  Energy is emitted to the environment and surrounding continuously to support the loving environment and blessing.  When you gaze into the picture you will receive activation and healing from the picture.  If the photo is created with the intention to tailor to your specific energy and soul essence, then that code would work for your highest good.  


The process of creating the light code requires artist/energy healer to channel high vibrational energy as well as time spent in drawing and putting together artistic colors that flow through the channeler/artist's through her intuition from the divine and connecting to the client's higher self to work towards highest good.  The code can be created for the environment, a specific person, or with general intention.  


A perfect gift for your loved ones as it is created artistically as well as has blessings and healing vibrations.


Light Code Art Photo - Personalized

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