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Light Language Activation Video - Personalized

Light Language Video combines the energy and vibration of Light Language and Reiki together.  Light Language speaks to the soul and also can activate your DNA and trigger ascension.  Very effective way.  Usually I would also prescribe the frequency of playing and using the video for optimal result, this depends on each person and the purpose of the video.  


Highly recommended for those who want to tap into their infinite power and spiritual gifts.  


Also can be created for healing intentions, such as helping with physical illness of the body or mind.  


Benefits: Very powerful way of healing that can be used regularly continuously over a long period of time.  


Light Language can be thought of as language of the soul that works like a prayer sent to the uniververse, the divine, and speak to your own soul as well as body, cells, DNA, to create self healing mechanism.  


Note: Results vary and depend on what is allowed to be healed as well as how open you are to energy and your belief.  Energy and Intention and belief are all closely related.  


Option: Please consult me regarding which price for your intention of the activation


Listed price is starting price, maybe subject to adjustment based on the intention. Please consult.


Note: Dr. Kas reserves the right to deny offering the service for intention that is not divinely approved by her guidance.  

Light Language Activation Video - Personalized

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