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Money Mastery and Prosperity Reiki

This session combines Money Mastery Reiki, Financial Blessings, Abundance and Properity Blessings.  Money Mastery Reiki is a set of energies that helps you to make plan, gain entusiasm and develop wisdom towards generating money or financial income, as well as, vibrating in a way that will attract financial manifestation. 


The session also channels blessings from Goddess Abunduntia, Archangel Raphael, galactic and divine blessings for abundance and properity.  This session will also remove blockages you have towards money and prosperity as well as activate your consciousness towards mastering finance and prosperity.  Please note that prosperity may not always come in the form of money.  The word 'money' in itself can be in a form that is not currencies such as exchanges in other forms.  


Duration: 45 minutes

Money Mastery and Prosperity Reiki

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