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Rejuvenation Reiki

This Rejuvenation Reiki is very special and powerful.  The energy combines the energy of Goddess Venus, the goddess of beauty, adding touches of other Goddesses, angelic (archangels Jophiel, Chamuel, and Raphael), and galactic blessings. Deep Healing to the Cellular and DNA level. Rejuvenate cells, restore cells, youth, beauty from the inside out.  Look and feel young and restore cells at cellular and spiritual level and restore your vitality.  Very high vibrational energy, powerful yet gentle.  


This energy is very beneficial and can be used to help improve quality of life.  Not only for adults but can be beneficial for children as well.  


For optimal results regular maintenance is recommended.  Weekly or Monthly subscription available, message me for details of subscription price.


Channeled Message from Goddess Venus:

“ To be young forever is absolutely possible! But it’s up to you how you will do that. And of course, if you feel good, you will look good. But you should not worry about the typical concepts of beauty. You should worry about how you feel in your skin. And you have to feel good if you want to be young. That’s the only “concern” you should have. I can help you as an "architect of beauty and love" through the history. You know about me. Goddess of love. Planet of love. My energy and let’s say consulting me can help you to go through that process, realize what that process really brings you, what the process really means and what the true message of that process is. How to be your personal goddess of love and beauty, both for men and women.”


Choose Option: 30 or 45 minutes

Rejuvenation Reiki

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