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Relationship Session

This is a session to help with with relationships, in relation to love relationship or other kinds of relationships such as family or friendship.  The session works towards clearing negative Karma in the relationship from past events in this life and/or past lives, clear blockages such as trapped emotions that's affecting harmony, as well as send positive loving energy to help with harmony and bless the relationships. 


To perform this service, please provide full name of both parties.  Any additional information such as photos would also be helpful towards making the intention more specific.


All services are performed distantly according to agreed schedule.  Please email or message me for details.


Please note: with all other sessions, things will be cleared for what is revealed allowed to be cleared at a point in time.  More than one session may be required for certain relationships. Once you clear and time pass, more things may be revealed to be cleared again.  This is the law of the universe and energy healing.  Healing comes in layers.  


Duration: 45-60 minutes.


Similar session: Akashic Records Clearing

Another session that can help to clear blockages or negative energies in the relationship is Akashic Records Clearing and Blessings

Relationship Session

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