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HURTS & FAILURES happen for good reasons

Life as most of us have experienced may be filled with both good and bad experiences. hurts pains mishaps mistakes failures being mistreated misunderstood and so on. Often times, we may end up blaming fate, the universe or whatsoever.

I have in the recent weeks experienced a couple of hurts. I have in my life experience a lot of hurts. I always see things differently and see things from complex multifaceted dimensions.

Pains and bad experiences trigger us to find ways to heal, learn, and grow. I've also done a lot of posts about self love as well as how things are not what they always seem. How people are not always what you can judge from a first or quick glance. Same with all things in life.

For one, all things happen with lessons attached to them. Pains trigger healing and shedding.

Another take from painful experience is for us to know the difference and contrast. For example, you may have come across situations where you have been wronged or taken advantage of, abused, or mistreated. Then you may have lost hope in the world and life. Then one day, you may come across situation or people that is polar opposite or in contrast of what you have experienced.

In the world of programmed society, we have been taught to follow programs and conditions. Then, for some that have occasionally been fortunate to come across souls that have shown you unconditional love or acceptance.

Because you have experienced the darkness, you're able to see the light. Because you've been wronged, you feel grateful for the connection or people that show you unconditional love, nonjudgment, acceptance and forgiveness.

When you've been falsely accused or misunderstood, it triggers you to look within and embrace self love, self worth, to stand up for your own truth. All things happen for reasons, you experience the bad to know what's good, you experience darkness to know what's light.

Part of it you may feel is unfair or unjust but perhaps we chose to experience these pains so we can rise above like a phoenix.

Stay Blessed.

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Réal Dion
Réal Dion
19 déc. 2022

Bonne déduction sur le contaste humain . .

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