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Soul contracts

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Understanding Soul Contract vs. Free Will

According to my understanding from reading many sources, studies, & guidance from my spiritual team. We design our lives prior to birth, what would be our name, in which family we will be, who will we encounter at certain time in lives, we also have soul contracts with others such as karmic relationships, lessons, and life challenges, as well as soul mission to fulfill. All of these is written in our Soul Contracts in Akashic Records.

I was trying to understand how free will play into this. What if ones do not follow their soul contracts and let the ego mind or free will drive them off their course?

Then perhaps the universe will keep nudging us with the same lessons over and over. Sometimes, incidences will trigger us to be in "Dark Night of the Soul" like a wakeup call for us to heal.

If you don't fulfill your missions or soul lessons this life, perhaps that's pending and binding you to come back, learn, and resolve those in the next lives.

If we try to resist what the divine has plans for us, we find ourselves struggling even more. It would probably take longer time with the struggles. I'm reading a book which has once sentence that rang the bell : "SHIFT OR BE SHIFTED", i.e., surrender or be hit harder!

P.S. If you're interested in Soul Contract reading or guidance, pls feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise, stay in love light and peace.

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