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"Embark on your holistic healing journey to improve your Wellbeing, promote Peace of Mind and Spiritual Enlightenment. Let yourself be healed with the energy of love, light, and the divine by Intuitive Reiki Grandmaster,  Activator, Dr. Kas (PhD)"

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Dr. Kas incorporates different modalities into her practice much more than Reiki. She refers to her practice as Intuitive Integrative Energy Healing (INEH).    INEH can help improve your wellbeing at the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  This integrative modality incorporates several techniques of energy healing including Spiritual Energy Healing, such as Reiki, and works with the law of vibration and quantum energy that can go deeply into your unconscious and subconscious level.  According to Einstein, everything is energy. 


Energy Healing sends positive energy through intention and helps balance energy, remove blockages, support energy flow, relaxes and calms the mind, improve awareness and concentration. As our mind and body are closely related, a peaceful and relaxed state of mind and balanced energy can help support physical and emotional wellbeing, and allow the body and mind to heal.   

Some physical and emotional unwellness can be related to spirituality and life lessons, as such spiritual healing such as Karmic Clearing, Akashic Records Healing, energy clearing, and the like can help support healing and alleviate symptoms, resulting in improved quality of life and wellbeing.  As the Law of Vibration works, positive attracts positive, spiritual healing can help attract positivity and abundance into your life.

Dr. Kas has had empirical and positive results helping several conditions.  She is caring, authentic , and approachable.  Conditions that she has had experiDrence helping include ASD/ADHD, Growth in Children, PTSD, Trauma, Depression, Kidney Stones, Kidney Function, Balancing Brain, Balancing Hormone, Prostrate Gland, Small Cysts, surgery recovery, improve relationships through blessing, Karma clearing, and more.

Dr. Kas performs remote healing sessions which allow her clients to receive the energy directly from the universe in the comfort of their own home.  This works at very high vibrations and is much more efficient than in-person sessions as the energy is pure from the universe.  See "About" section for Dr. Kas 's certifications, remote healing information, and more. 


“I’m a physician who has been interested and received holistic care via several energy medicine modalities including homeopathy, emotion code, and total body modification (TBM) as well as food supplements. I strongly believe in energy medicine. Towards the end of 2020, Kas has performed 1-1 Distant Karmic Dissolve Sessions for me to help heal physical symptoms of feeling unwell. She used her intuition and channeled and sent me a list of the symptoms she found, which was about 20-30 symptoms. Mostly these symptoms are related to heart, respiratory, uterus. All are accurate and what I had been feeling and also had medical diagnoses. This is without me telling her what I experienced. I am amazed by her intuition and her healing ability. After the sessions, I underwent some energy release symptoms for about two weeks. While the releases were intense for a period, Kas has talked to me that it’s normal and that I can use other modalities like emotion code and TBM to ‘drain the toxins’, which means helping me reduce the releasing effects. After the releases of things that do not serve my highest good, I feel energetic and relieved and most of my physical illnesses / issues have been gone. Truly recommend Dr. Kas EnergyMed’s healing."

~ Wilai Thanasarnaksorn, MD (Physician)

"Grateful towards healing blessings received through connection with Kas.   I have been following Kas, on patreon and her services finding transformational healing through her monthly full moon clearing, 114 chakras, and archangelic session.  Patreon gives structural healing support that can be used daily.  Feel companionship towards talking to Kas receiving guidance for what is needed for healing, becoming conscious and connected to Source.

Received Soul contract reading and healing.  The reading and guidance resonates and sparks attention as details to inner-soul toward subconscious healing with angelic blessing through akashic records soul contract clearing.  Her healing has uplifted my spirit and her guidance enlightens my soul.  Feeling the sense of companionship towards journey into higher consciousness.


Recently, I contacted Kas after seeing her post about Heart Wall and Emotion Code.  Kas asked questions in order to advise the healing program needed for healing and gave guidance that healings are needed for TRAUMAS experienced from life episodes.  Without going into details of my life’s traumatic events, Kas checked with her guidance and prescribed a healing plan suggesting “Soul Integration Session”, “Trauma Healing Session”, and “Pendulum healing to release trapped emotions”.  


She walked me through preparation for the Soul Integration Session. After the session Kas sent me a note and told me the timeline of when soul essence escaped. This is without me telling her all the details about my life prior to the session.  I could relate to all the timelines to life’s traumatic events. Amazed by her intuition and blessings. Gratitude towards healing opportunities and journey towards enlightenment through Kas. "

~ Rebecca Dentz, Wisconsin USA

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