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Energy healing services

Healing for the Mind, Body, and Soul

I work with high vibration energy using my intuitive guidance. I am able to channel guidance for different healing modalities and energies. All my healing sessions are done remotely (distant reiki and energy healing).  There is no login or video call. 


Healing and Reiki Healing Energy are sent at agreed time that would be convenient to you, normally I recommend time that you are relaxing or not engaged in serious activities and best received and integrated during lying down.  Durations for the sessions are just guidelines and depend on individual persons. 

I can connect to you across time and space through intentions. The Energy flows to you from the Source, The Creator, The Universe across time and space.


You can book a session or service by contacting me through my email and then make payment through (Please send as friend). I can also be reached in facebook group or facebook messenger ID: 105884561404148

Email: dr.kasenergymed@drkasenergymed

To book a session:
  1. Email me with your request or with the session you're interested in or ask for consultation of recommended sessions or programI am able to advise you on healing program suitable for your intention/problem.  

  2. Send in Payment : (please send "TO FRIENDS and FAMILY")

  3. Schedule the session at your convenient time 


Please notify me at least 2 days in advance. I send energy across time and space and usually channel the energy to future time anywhere in the world.


Don’t know which session you need, email me to consult.  Free consultation offer. 

Click the button and fill out form for free consultation.

*By purchasing any session/attunement/service/program/video/product, you agree to the Terms of Service and Disclaimer. You also confirm your understanding that Reiki and Energy Healing/Activation is a complementary energy modality, and not a medical cure/treatment; any notes or suggestions received are not a substitute for the advice of a certified medical professional. Reiki does not guarantee results and results experienced by individuals vary.

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Spiritual Enlightenment/Ascension

Chakras and Clearing Sessions

Trauma Healing

Healing for Physical Wellbeing

Relationship & Manifestion

Akashic and Guidance Services

Personal Healing Videos & Photos